Flowright Audco Valves


AUDCO SLIMSEAL is a Wafer type Butterfly Valve with an integrally moulded elastomer body liner. Designed to outperform loose liners, SLIMSEAL's elastomer liner is moulded directly in the body bore and vulcanised in-situ, making it last the entire life of the valve. The result - a valve that requires no form of maintenance. A perfect FIT AND FORGET valve.


AUDCO SLIMSEAL is available in different combinations of body,liner and disc materials to suit a wide range of line fluids, a size range of 50 to 600 mm, anda pressure rating up to PN 16. This permits its use in a wide range of applications making AUDCO SLIMSEAL a truly versatile valve.

AUDCO Ball Valves in various MOCs and pressure classes. These valves are available in single piece, 2 piece and 3 piece construction with flanged end, socket weld end & and threaded end connections.

AUDCO Lubricated Taper Plug Valve has been successfully used in a variety of services because of its unique in-line maintenance capability. The Plug and body seating surfaces, which are lapped and matched, are not exposed to the line fluid; this confines corrosion and erosion to less critical areas. Sealing is further enhanced by a specially developed plug sealant charged evenly around the seating surface. Plugs from 1/2” are impregnated with a PTFE based anti-friction agent- “SUPER LoMu” which provides greater wear resistance and ensures low consistent operating torque. SUPER LoMu also enhances resistance to seizure.